Trump And Trumper

In Donald Trump’s mind, it’s all right to call a U.S. Representative “dumb as a rock.” So I’m going to go there: Donald Trump is dumb. Really dumb.

A trial is going on in the U.S. Senate to consider whether he should be impeached, and he’s too dumb to stop talking and tweeting. He keeps acknowledging his guilt with his words. He keeps acknowledging his guilt by concealing evidence and refusing to let others truthfully testify about their experiences.

But even dumber than Donald Trump are the Republican members of the House and Senate who support the Dummy of the Free World. Even though many are supporting him for self-serving reasons, I think it’s really dumb to follow someone who is as dumb as Donald Trump, regardless of the motivation to do so. I don’t apologize for wanting my political leaders to be intelligent and conduct themselves in a manner that seems reasonable. In any context, it’s simply dumb to follow someone who has not historically demonstrated coherent decision-making abilities. If the Republicans who support Trump are unable to see that every single decision Donald Trump makes serves Donald Trump instead of the American people—and don’t recognize the consequent long-term danger in that—they are also really dumb.

If my opinions about how America’s political leaders should conduct themselves makes me seem elitist, I’m fine with that. But I’m not an elitist. I am simply someone who possesses critical thinking skills and understands the consequences of human actions. I think it’s reasonable to want all political leaders to possess critical reasoning ability. Donald Trump simply doesn’t have the mental capacity for critical reasoning.

Donald Trump says he wants his impeachment trial—without witnesses—to be done by the Super Bowl, which is next weekend. I guess allowing Americans to be able to watch its best football players smash their heads into each other on the playing field, without having the distraction of more cerebral matters concerning justice and national well-being, is important to him.

Since Donald Trump can’t be compelled to take an IQ test (although I wish it was a law that future presidential candidates would have to take one), I hope that when he dies, an autopsy of his brain will reveal that he has Aaron Hernandez-caliber CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy). I don’t know if that would cause me to forgive Donald Trump for his actions, but it sure would explain the stupid things he’s done and the harm he’s inflicted on the world with his unbridled power.

I’ve had my own brain damage issues, so perhaps I should be more sympathetic to the dumb things Donald Trump says and does. But I’m not sympathetic. Maybe I’m not brain damaged enough to support and follow Donald Trump. I can’t help but wonder if every Republican politician supporting Donald Trump has CTE. Because I try to put myself in other people’s shoes, I find myself wondering if there is anything that could compel me to understand the behavior of the politicians who have helped Donald Trump obstruct justice. Possibly. If I keep listening to the impeachment trial of Donald John Trump and witnessing the continued support of my dumb president by Republican loyalists, I will literally be banging my head on the wall. If I bang my head enough, maybe I’ll have the kind of damaged brain that’s required to support the actions of dumb Donald Trump.


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2 thoughts on “Trump And Trumper

  1. Right on as usual!! It is so frustrating listening to lawyers ignoring the facts and making up falsehoods to enable Senators to have an alibi for voting against the United States of America.

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