Rocky Horror Impeachment Show

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I’ve never been able to watch horror shows. Shocking images and concepts get etched on my brain and re-terrorize me when I visit them in my memory. Something scary is about to be televised, and I’m afraid to watch as Donald Trump’s impeachment hearings begin today. I’m not surprised that the impeachment hearings are occurring. I’ve seen it coming ever since the day Trump was elected president of the United States. Even though I saw it coming, I’ve  found myself cringing as I’ve wondered how the high crimes and misdemeanors leading to impeachment would unfold. There are so many directions one could take a horror film featuring an unchecked monster with unlimited power as the central character. It turns out that the Donald Trump presidency is a “the call is coming from inside the White House” kind of horror show. The story unfolds as Trump’s frightening inability to refrain from serving himself instead of his nation leads to trampling the concept of morality and committing bribery with his victim Ukraine. The timid Democratic Congress is eventually forced to pull out the weapon of impeachment proceedings to defend the country . . .  I’m afraid to watch what happens next.

I have actually developed a fear of some Republicans; they are the bad guys in this bad story that we’ve been subjected to the last three years. Characters such as  Devin Nunes, Jim Jordan, Kevin McCarthy, Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, and other spineless creatures have become type-cast in roles that indicate they will disrupt, deflect, and spin their way through the impeachment process to keep Americans from focusing on Donald Trump’s corrupt behavior.

I’ve been considering avoiding subjecting my sensitive brain to the televised Trump impeachment hearings that promise to be terrifying. I might just wait for the Ken Burns documentary to come out twenty years from now. But I’m afraid that it will document the era when the oath of office lost meaning, the concepts of character and integrity were abandoned, and Republicans refused to put the concept of defending this nation’s Constitution ahead of clinging to political careers.



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