The Shape of Fatherhood

Some people seem cut out for the roles they end up playing in adulthood. When I met my husband I knew instantly that he was the perfect match for me. He was everything I wasn’t: patient, calm, confident, focused . . . He had what was necessary to successfully play the role of my husband because we were opposite in so many ways. He was in the shape of the yang that perfectly complimented my impatient, hyper, insecure, scattered yin.

Almost a couple years after we were married, our daughter was born. I spent about eight months consumed by wondering what shape our child would take. I never stopped to think about what form my husband would take when he became a father. The very moment my husband held our daughter, I discovered another dimension to him that I hadn’t seen before. He instantly morphed into something he was naturally meant to be. I felt I had hit the jackpot as an unknown side to my husband was revealed. While he cradled our newborn daughter against his chest, a compassionate, protective, nurturing nature oozed out of him, and he transformed into the shape of a devoted father. If I had thought about it in advance, I couldn’t have possibly designed a better dad than the one my daughter and son are so fortunate to have.

Happy Father’s Day!

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