What a Wonderful World

Ever since I married my husband twenty-five years ago, I’ve been looking at life differently. I fell in love with him because of the way he viewed life. When he looked at me for the very first time, I felt like my skies opened up and I could see a happy future. There was just something about the air around him that made me want to be a part of his world.

Once we started dating, I discovered that my husband grew up as a farm boy. I found that he shared my appreciation for the land, the trees, the sky, the stars, common sense, and human decency.  He saw things from the same country kid perspective that I did, which made it easy to connect right away. What I was really attracted to, though, was his ability to see things differently than me.

When stressful events occurred, he didn’t freak out like I did. He remained calm even if things appeared really bad, because he knew that they would eventually be good again. My husband believed that life operated under the Law of Averages, instead of functioning under Murphy’s Law, like I did. While I believed in seeing how much work I could get done each day, he believed that life was for indulging in the things that brought him happiness: homemade ice cream; a good  nap; reading daily; having a favorite TV show to look forward to each week; having a couch big enough for two people to cuddle. When we went places together, my husband was fearless when it came to exploring new terrain. He took me to places I would have been too afraid to venture into on my own. I was introduced to an entire world that I didn’t know existed when I experienced life from my husband’s perspective.

Life has not always been picture perfect for us. Trying to see things from my husband’s vantage point for twenty-five years hasn’t always been easy for me, but it has definitely made me a better person than I ever could have become without him. And what a wonderful world I’ve discovered through his loving eyes!

I wish everyone had the opportunity to look at life through the eyes of another person.

Our view from the top of Coba

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