Be Ashamed to Die

For the past six months I’ve used thousands of words in an attempt to convey through this blog what I wish for my life and what I expect from other people in this world. I’ve spent considerable time searching for the right words that succinctly state what I think human existence should be about.

I believe that everyone should live with purpose, so I enjoy reading about the missions others have chosen for their lives. I was recently reading about Horace Mann. When he was a Massachusetts legislator he championed the idea of publicly supported schools for the children in his state. Due to his enthusiasm about providing education for all of the children in Massachusetts, every state in the northern United States eventually had free elementary schools by the 1850s.

I realized as I read more about him that I would have wholeheartedly supported Mann’s mission in the 19th century. But, since public school in America has already been accomplished, I continued thinking about what my mission is and if I could summarize it in a short paragraph. During my research about Mann I came across something better than a paragraph; I found a quote of his constructed with just twelve words. I wish I had come up with such a brilliant statement on my own, but I still plan to borrow Mann’s words and make them a statement that reflects my own purpose and what I expect from everyone:

“Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity.”

And I will be so ashamed when I die if I haven’t won anything for humanity.

What should I do with my life?


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