Walking in a Perfect Picture

2016-09-18-35When I was a young child, I spent considerable time staring at a picture that my mom had hanging on the wall.

The path winding through the tall, sturdy trees that were draped in sunlight beckoned me to walk among them. I eagerly accepted the invitation and entered the scene as often as I could. I always started at the front of the image and drifted far back into the woods. Unusual fearlessness embodied me when I stepped into that picture and I found the courage to explore. Along the way, interesting adventures unfolded around me. Rain never fell, winds were never more than a soft breeze, and the temperature was always perfect in that setting. Birds sang happily and the comforting aroma of the trees wrapped around m2016-09-18-36e. My pleasant journey through the picture always ended with me feeling grateful.

I felt a sense of ownership of the picture because I believed that the incredible beauty of the scene existed just for me. It brought me peace that I only experienced when my mind wandered through that setting. And I often wondered where this beautiful place was, and if I would ever be lucky enough to someday enter it in real life.

The picture on my parents’ wall is long gone, but as an adult I have rediscovered the scene and entered it many times – in real life. I go hiking as often as I can on paths that wind through woods.  As a resident of Minnesota, I feel blessed by the many state parks and trails that surround me – and help perpetuate the illusion that this profoundly beautiful world exists solely for my peaceful pleasure.2016-09-18-42

I wish everyone could experience walking in a perfect picture.


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