Walk in My Shoes

Ever since I was a young girl I’ve enjoyed trying on other people’s shoes. I liked walking around in them so I could understand what their experience was like as they moved through life.

When I stepped into my mom’s high heels I understood how it felt to move like a pretty person. My dad’s tennis shoes made me stride like a winner. My big brother’s boots caused me to feel tall and in control of my surroundings. The sandals that belonged to my little sister made me feel cute as I marched around. When my friend in 5th grade and I occasionally traded shoes for the day, I would feel adventurous as I stomped through the halls of my school.

I continued stepping into other people’s shoes as an adult. My husband’s shoes made me feel sturdy and competent when I borrowed them to take out the garbage. My daughter’s flats showed me what it was like to travel a peaceful path. The New Balance shoes that belonged to my son felt as if they could take me to places I might never know.

I’ve always been fascinated by other people’s footprints, too. When I encounter someone else’s tracks in the sand or the snow, I usually make a point of stepping into them – no matter how big or how small they appear to be. I walk in other people’s footsteps long enough to get a sense of their pace as they move. The way people approach their journeys helps me imagine what their life story might be.

2016 - 09 - 01 shoes

A considerable part of my life has been spent trying on other people’s shoes and envying their stride. I often wanted to be following anyone’s path but my own. But, I have finally arrived at a new place in my life that makes me happy. This is because I’ve discovered that it’s a gift to be someone who cares so much about other people that it results in wanting to consider what it’s like being in their shoes.

I wish everyone wanted to know what it’s like to walk in someone else’s shoes.


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