People That Fit

She was the only grown-up I knew who could fold herself up and fit into the house I made under the dining room table. The first time I had her over was when I was three years old and she stopped by unexpectedly. She knocked on the pink chenille exterior of my house and asked if I wanted to ride along to town with her to get groceries. Of course I wanted to ride along! She was Nana and I wanted to go everywhere with her. I told her I would be ready to go after I had some tea. She asked if she could join me. I said, “Sure, if you can fit in my house.”

Nana drew back the blanket draped over the table and got down on her hands and knees. She looked around my space as if it was a mansion. “This is a lovely home you have here JuJu.” I proudly smiled.

“Where will you be serving tea?” she asked.

“In the dining room.”

Nana crawled into my dining room and sat shoulder to shoulder with me. I poured her a cup of tea. Nana carefully took the cup from me. She tried a sip and exclaimed, “This is the best tea I’ve ever had!”

I smiled again. I shared some redecorating plans I had in mind and Nana nodded approvingly as we sipped our drinks. I remembered that I had cookies in the oven to offer my guest. I quickly pulled them out and served one to Nana. It was, of course, the best invisible cookie she ever had.

After we finished tea time, Nana helped me do dishes. Then we headed to town to get groceries.

I wish everyone had a Nana.

1971 - 06 - 25 Brad, Julie, Don and Dorothy Boisen - June 25, 1971 crop


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